Repair issues at 10 Marshbank St. Yea

Steph and David,

I have some serious concerns about the work that has been carried out at this point.

¬†Over a very short distance the width of the gap goes from 7mm to 2.5mm. At the other window end (no photo) it goes from 4mm to 2mm, again over a very short distance. The window frame was checked and found to be level. It was discussed that I wanted silicone fill not quad along there.¬† Secondly, how could the person not even cut the timber properly to go under the architrave.(top of image) The gap was not there before, it shouldn’t be just fixed with filler, it needs to be replaced to solve both problems.

David, on two occasions you assured me that you would attend to the rolling floor along the end of the room horizontal to the timbers. It is exactly the same as it was previously. I’m dissapointed.

The floor parallel to the timbers has always remained level to the skirting. Not any more.

For some reason Dean had to shorten the kitchen bench. This has meant that there is no cupboard door frame anymore. Unbelievably Troy has put skirting there, consequently the cupboard door no longer opens. The cupboard door needs to be resized and a frame wider than the architrave needs to be installed, so I can open the cupboard and have the skirting.

I am more than dissapointed at the quality of the workmanship at this point. Much of what has been done is just plain shoddy. Please advise.


Michael Minter